Account management

All the practical answers to your MultiPass account management: verification, roles and access levels, API connection and more useful information.

Making batch payments

Your full guide to making batch payments: tips on preparing CSV files, required and optional fields, and further steps.

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Viewing your account details

MultiPass customers can get up to 14 sets of account details to collect money from different markets with ease. Learn where to find them in this guide.

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Exchanging currency

Exchanging currency with MultiPass is convenient and takes mere seconds. Learn how to do it in this short guide.

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Generating account statements

Check your past payments and their statuses and download the exact MultiPass statement you need in just a few clicks. Here’s how:

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Making payments

MultiPass Payments 101: learn how to make new and repeated payments, take advantage of the recipient list and drafts.

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Account management essentials

The basic yet crucial knowledge – learn how to access your account, switch your 2FA method and change your contact details.

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Multi-user access

MultiPass business accounts allow you to work with your team simultaneously. Learn more in this article or reach out to our team to add new users to your account.

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