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With our wide network of payment methods, you can easily collaborate with clients and remote workforce worldwide, all while avoiding unnecessary fees and currency conversion headaches.

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Marketing companies with international workforce and clients

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Up to 50 million annual turnover

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Fast, trackable and cost-effective multi-currency payments from & to any part of the world

#HowToMultiPass your digital marketing services worldwide

Don’t overpay on traditional bank exchange rates – convert over 30 currencies at bank-beating rates and keep more of your money.

Live currency desk with market-beating rates


* The rate provided at the moment of conversion on the MultiPass platform may differ from the above rate depending on customer business type and transaction volumes.

How we ensure that

Merciless FX charges, hidden fees and limited payment geography offered by traditional banks just don’t do the trick for global business. Manage your multi-currency payments with ease, so you can focus on what really matters – delivering successful marketing campaigns.


Expand your business horizons – get local account details in the US, UK and EU to get paid by your foreign clients quicker and cheaper, just like a local company.


Streamline your outgoing payments – pay for online ads and other web services, perform FX at great rates, make payments to your remote workforce in 30+ currencies to over 180 destinations.

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Do business in style with your partners, clients and suppliers from any part of the world

We work with all the non-sanctioned markets and help European companies to eliminate payment borders. International trade is an example of economic linkage; we allow our clients to feel protected and free when operating across the globe.

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MultiPass – a bank challenger you can trust

MultiPass is part of the Dyninno Group of companies. Dyninno Group (short for “Dynamic Innovations”) is an American global information technology group of companies founded in San Francisco in 2004. Our Travel, FinTech, and EnterTech divisions provide a range of products and services to millions of customers in more than 50 markets worldwide.




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