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If you’re up for exciting new beginnings and want to build the next big thing in the banking industry then we definitely want to hear from you.

What does #WeAreMultiPass mean?

Remember the good old times when you could walk into the branch and sort out all your banking needs? MultiPass drives businesses back to the future.

In the world of closed offices, remoteness and automation, MultiPass still believes in the power of human interaction. We ensure that all companies, no matter what their size, are always able to get help from a real banking specialist.

You might not remember this, but not so long ago a business owner could walk into a branch and sort out all their banking needs on the spot. These were simpler times when business was conducted in person and in an open and transparent manner.

Our set of values

Powered by people

Powered by people

We give people room to grow and let them take on leadership roles when the time is right. We foster an open communication style, where team members can reach out and collaborate. We’re always working to support people’s talents and help them build the careers they dream of.

Building team spirit

Building team spirit

We’re constantly striving to bring our team closer together. We hold regular team-building events and activities that help us get to know each other's strengths, understand our shared interests, and give each other support in developing our talents.

Work and life balance

Work and life balance

We are an IT-centric company with people at the core. We share what we know and make sure that our people are happy at work. We do this through excellent communication, regular individual reviews and group events. Work and life balance is important to us.

Room to grow

Room to grow

We recognize talents and inspire them to grow, encouraging constant professional development. Our office is a space for sharing and collaboration.

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Multiple reasons to join the Dyninno Group

MultiPass is part of the Dyninno Group of companies, founded in San Francisco, delivering products and services to 50 markets globally via powerful marketing, IT, and lead generation.

20 languages

Multi-lingual: we speak 20 languages, and counting

5400+ talents

Multi-cultural: our company is powered by 5400+ talents worldwide

23 offices

Multi-national: we are represented in 23 offices across the continents

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