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Use MultiPass to get local business accounts and receive payments from residents without any boundaries. We ensure that you comply with all regulatory requirements.

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Online sellers that send and receive payments in different countries

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Instant payments in EUR, GBP, USD or non-EUR domestic currencies in Europe

#HowToMultiPass to buy and sell goods & services in local currencies

Move and accept your transactions without delays with the help of our three-fold solution:

Live currency desk with market-beating rates


* The rate provided at the moment of conversion on the MultiPass platform may differ from the above rate depending on customer business type and transaction volumes.

How we solve that

The Internet knows no borders, so why should your store’s products and services be limited to certain markets and currencies? With MultiPass open your e-store to shoppers from across the world.


Accept payments from your merchant account straight into your MultiPass account in the same currency your buyer is shopping, avoiding high FX charges.


Perform FX at better rates and only when you need to. Choose from a wide range of global and local payment methods to cover your operating expenses, pay your suppliers, etc.

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Do business in style with your partners, clients and suppliers from any part of the world

We work with all the non-sanctioned markets and help European companies to eliminate payment borders. International trade is an example of economic linkage; we allow our clients to feel protected and free when operating across the globe.

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MultiPass – a bank challenger you can trust

MultiPass is part of the Dyninno Group of companies. Dyninno Group (short for “Dynamic Innovations”) is an American global information technology group of companies founded in San Francisco in 2004. Our Travel, FinTech, and EnterTech divisions provide a range of products and services to millions of customers in more than 50 markets worldwide.




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