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Every day, companies worldwide lose over 10% to hidden fees in cross-border payments. We’re here to change that.

MultiPass account is tailored to the unique needs of online businesses, especially those with razor-thin profit margins.



How MultiPass helps your e-store save money

Avoid unnecessary conversions & fees

Hold, receive, convert & send 70+ currencies across 200 countries and regions using just 1 account

Pay & get paid like locals - cheaper and faster

Transact in EUR, GBP and USD just like local businesses with your own local account details

Take control over currency exchange

Save from 30% with rates that outperform traditional bank exchange rates

Avoid unnecessary conversions & fees

Pay & get paid like locals - cheaper and faster

Take control over currency exchange

Sell goods globally efficiently

Explore a business case

Wondering if you need an additional business bank account for dropshipping needs overseas? There is a better solution! With a multi-currency IBAN, local EU, UK & US accounts as well as a corporate card we streamline your operations and save you time and money.

Let’s say you print and sell t-shirts globally.

Garment Printing company

Incoming payments

Receive customer payments from merchant accounts and marketplaces (USD🇺🇸, GBP🇬🇧, EUR🇪🇺)

Receive and hold multiple currencies in your account, avoiding conversion

Get B2B customer orders from United States, United Kingdom, Europe (USD🇺🇸, GBP🇬🇧, EUR🇪🇺)

Accept payments instantly with local account details

Outgoing payments

Order printing and delivery from suppliers in India, Hong Kong, Poland (INR🇮🇳, HKD🇭🇰, PLN🇵🇱)

Use local payouts – up to 40x cheaper than SWIFT

Reduce workload with batch payments

Pay for digital advertising with a corporate card (GBP🇬🇧, EUR🇪🇺)

Hold up to 15 virtual & plastic cards

Cover office expenses locally (GBP🇬🇧)

From £1/payment

Why we’re better than traditional banks

Personal manager

Dedicated banking expert to navigate you through any banking-related operations

Local account details

Enjoy quick and low-cost payments in the UK, EU and US just like locals

Multi-currency account

Global reach - transact in 70+ currencies across 200 countries and regions via multiple payment methods

Bank-beating exchange rates

Significant cost reduction with competitive rates for foreign exchange

Business expense cards

Virtual and plastic cards to handle daily operations

Market experience

We’re part of an international holding Dyninno with over 20 years of experience in the global market

Personal manager

Local account details

Multi-currency account

Bank-beating exchange rates

Business expense cards

Market experience

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