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MultiPass is here to remove unnecessary boundaries, enabling you to transact quickly and effortlessly with your suppliers and customers around the world. Open a business account for your global transfers.

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Get a local account under your company name to build trust with your clients

We provide unique multi-currency accounts with personalised details in the name of your business.

Make and receive payments depending on your business needs

We help you speed up payments and reduce costs by making transfers via SWIFT all over the world or by utilising local payment methods.

Deal in a currency you need, not the ones your bank is limited to

We offer over 70 currencies and 25+ payment schemes to meet your exact needs.

Daria, Head of Business Development at MultiPass

Whether our customers trade just between two countries or have a global network of business connections from the Americas to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, our top priority is to help them get access to the new markets in the simplest way possible.

A bank challenger that you can trust

Bank-graded security

We are regulated by the FCA. Your money is protected by a process called safeguarding - this means it is kept in secure accounts at authorised credit institutions. We never lend or reinvest your money.

24/7 personal support

The world of global B2B transactions might be frustrating, we know. Therefore, we provide a personal dedicated manager to help you out along your journey and to assist with your transactions. A private banking experience for every customer.

Part of a large group

MultiPass is part of the Dyninno Group - an international holding with more than 20 years of experience in FinTech, EnterTech and Travel. We are part of a big global family!

Here’s a prime example of MultiPass’s advantages in comparison with traditional banks:

MultiPass Your bank
Safeguarded funds
No hidden fees
Account application time 10 minutes Weeks
Onboarding 100% online Personal presence only
Personal Account Manager
Multi-railed and tailored accounts
Multi-currency account Single account for all 70+ currencies Separate account for each currency
Single provider for local accounts GB, EU and US Different providers in each country
API access

With MultiPass you can hold, send and convert over 70 currencies:

List of available currencies

Transparency is in our DNA; you can check all our main fees here:

Pricing and fees schedule

Why MultiPass is the most suitable option for global transfers:

Local presence for your business in 20+ countries

Payments to & from 200 countries and regions

Foreign exchange at bank-beating rates

Business cards for corporate expenses

Secure 2FA authentication

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