The story behind MultiPass

MultiPass provides a unique and intuitive blend of modern technologies and corporate level customer service delivered by live agents and dedicated account managers.

MultiPass was established in 2017 and was backed by Dyninno Group’s experience working in over 50 markets. We offer multi-functional and multi-channel bank payments for businesses that transact globally.

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Although, most probably, what you see daily is the screen of your telephone or laptop, there are actually hard-working professionals behind every transaction. We have a constantly growing team of experts, following the ultimate goal of sharing their profound expertise in financial services and know-how in the FinTech industry. A team dedicated to enabling your business to grow.

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Meet and greet our MultiPass seasoned professionals in banking and payment services:

Dmitry Tsymber, Founder of MultiPass

I believe modern technologies should be used to give businesses across the globe access to better financial management. We saw the opportunity to do this by building a corporate banking solution that encompasses a mix of high-tech solutions, professional expertise and exceptional customer support.

Dmitry Tsymber, Founder of MultiPass

Konstantin Zaripov, MD of MultiPass

The smart FinTech solutions we create are just one pillar of MultiPass. Another one is the two-way communication with our clients that some consider a luxury in our modern, increasingly automated world. We’re proud to be always within their reach, diving deep into each unique case, cherry-picking solutions that work, and providing ongoing consultation and transaction support.

Konstantin Zaripov, MD of MultiPass

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Our values are based on 4 main principles:

Powered by people

Powered by people

We give people room to grow and let them take on leadership roles when the time is right. We foster an open communication style, where team members can reach out and collaborate. We’re always working to support people’s talents and help them build the careers they dream of.

Building team spirit

Building team spirit

We’re constantly striving to bring our team closer together. We hold regular team-building events and activities that help us get to know each other's strengths, understand our shared interests, and give each other support in developing our talents.

Work and life balance

Work and life balance

We are an IT-centric company with people at the core. We share what we know and make sure that our people are happy at work. We do this through excellent communication, regular individual reviews and group events. Work and life balance is important to us.

Room to grow

Room to grow

We recognize talents and inspire them to grow, encouraging constant professional development. Our office is a space for sharing and collaboration.

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Empowered by technology − delivered by people

MultiPass offers multi-functional and multi-channel bank payments for mid-corps around the world. We provide a unique and intuitive blend of modern technologies and corporate level customer service delivered by dedicated account managers.

Our professional team of energetic and smart people cares about clients and their banking needs. We support our clients daily, helping them to trade across the world with ease and at a dynamic pace. Our solution allows us to cover multiple business operations from one single account.

We are a part of the Dyninno Group of Companies


global markets

17 years

of experience

12 offices


$500 million

annual turnover

87-89 Baker Street,
London, UK, W1U 6RJ

The DYNINNO Group of Companies was established 20 years ago in San Francisco with the appearance of a small travel agency that later flourished and transformed into Dyninno Group – an international holding operating in the Travel, FinTech and EnterTech sectors.

Today, DYNINNO Group provides in-house IT solutions, lead generation and sales to millions of clients around the globe. Experts in business process optimisation, DYNINNO Group is an international holding with a mission to create and promote innovation through technology.

Our offices are located in Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Egypt, India, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the USA.