Making payments

International business payments can be a pain but not with MultiPass. Our simplified payment forms are designed to be filled out in no time. Here’s a short guide.

Making a new payment

Access the payment forms by

  • Clicking Payments/Send money in the menu
  • Or using the white Send money shortcut in the top right corner of your profile

Choose one of the payment forms:
multipass payment forms.png

  • To another bank – a unified payment form for sending payments to other banks/financial institutions
  • Between accounts – a quick form to move funds between your own accounts within MultiPass
  • To MultiPass client – an easy way to send money to another MultiPass account holder. Just enter the account number, payment sum and description and you’re good to go

Making a repeated payment

There are many ways how you can make a repeated payment in just a few clicks.

  • From payment history
    Navigate to your History, select any of the outgoing payments and press the Repeat button – all the payment data will be copied. You can edit it if needed prior to launching.

  • From the recipient list
    Anytime you send a payment to a new recipient, their details are autosaved to the Recipient list. You will find it in the menu right under the Payments section. Just choose your recipient, enter a new payment amount, description and/or attach supporting documents, and launch a payment. You can edit your recipient’s details anytime.

  • From a new payment
    If you’re making a payment to someone whom you have already transferred funds previously, just start typing their name in the Recipient name field and your suggested recipient will appear in the drop-down menu.
    suggested recipient.png

Using drafts

A well-loved feature by those of our clients managing their MultiPass account in teams.

Use the Save as draft button for your unfinished or fully prepared payment until you or your colleague chooses to make it live. Your saved drafts will be available in a separate Drafts tab in the Payments section of your MultiPass account.

✏️ Tip: these icons will help you navigate through your drafts quickly
draft icons.png