Online sellers

Sell to new markets on Alibaba, eBay, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. Use MultiPass local accounts to access the largest markets in the world.

Get access to the largest marketplaces in the UK, US and EU

US to accept ACH and FedWire transfers, UK to get paid via CHAPS or Faster Payments, EU to get paid via SEPA.

Deal like a local using domestic accounts

We can open a current business account in 20+ countries for you to pay and get paid as a local. It helps to eliminate extra fees that limit your business growth.

Bring your money home instantly

We provide you with 25+ payment schemes and hundreds of currency pairs that let you convert, send and receive your funds whenever needed.

Rami Chedid, Business Development Director & CEO Middle East

We have many clients that are selling goods through their own websites. MultiPass provides them with a settlement account to accept multiple currencies from their acquirer or payment service provider. We help them collect funds in the same currency their customer paid them and eliminate any hidden FX charges which are so often applied by PSPs.

Sell online with MultiPass

B2B e-commerce

If you’re an e-commerce guru with customers all over the world, you know that multi-currency cash flow across multiple jurisdictions can be a headache. MultiPass is here to save you these worries. Receive settlement from your merchant account in the currency your customers paid you. Hold the proceeds, spend or convert it to the currency of your choice when you need it. Your Personal Manager is here for you, to solve your problems and find solutions that meet your needs using MultiPass’s modular payment platform.


Selling your products on eBay, Etsy or Wish? Some marketplaces require sellers to have local payment accounts - well, it’s not a problem with MultiPass! Set up local accounts in the UK, US or, let’s say, Denmark, without travelling, all under one roof. Let your customers shop conveniently in their local currency. Pay your suppliers in the currency of their choice using local payment schemes. This way, you’ll ensure a cheaper and faster delivery of your payments, making your e-commerce an awesome business to deal with.

Link your MultiPass account with various platforms to sell your goods effortlessly in many new markets:

Here’s a prime example of MultiPass’s advantages in comparison with traditional banks:

MultiPass Your bank
Safeguarded funds
No hidden fees
Account application time 10 minutes Weeks
Onboarding 100% online Personal presence only
Personal Account Manager
Multi-railed and tailored accounts
Multi-currency account Single account for all 70+ currencies Separate account for each currency
Single provider for local accounts GB, EU and US Different providers in each country
API access

With MultiPass you can hold, send and convert over 70 currencies:

List of available currencies

Transparency is in our DNA; you can check all our main fees here:

Pricing and fees schedule

Why MultiPass is most suitable for your e-commerce business:

Local presence for your business in 20+ countries

Payments to & from 200 countries and regions

Foreign exchange at bank-beating rates

Business cards for corporate expenses

Secure 2FA authentication

Jump on a call with our Client Manager to find out how we can help your business do global transfers in style:


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