Payment solution for cross-border service providers

Go global with MultiPass: we invest time and resources to dive deep into the specifics of your business model and provide you with the best-suited banking service.

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Type of business

Start-ups or businesses that are expanding to the global arena

Geography and markets


Transaction volume

Up to 50 million annual turnover

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A fast and easy way to get financial proof of concept when entering new markets

#HowToMultiPass to provide online services faster than your competitors

Go global with MultiPass: enter new markets with maximum flexibility.

Single account for all currencies
Dedicated expert to look after your payments
Live currency desk with market-beating rates

Live currency desk with market-beating rates


* The rate provided at the moment of conversion on the MultiPass platform may differ from the above rate depending on customer business type and transaction volumes.

How we solve that

Entering new markets, providing online services or trading intangible things all have one thing in common: banks often struggle to understand your financial flows.


We understand all modern industries and conduct deep research, paying special attention to the subtleties of IT / digital business.


We offer payment capabilities in a wide range of countries, so that our clients can quickly enter new markets, check demand and reduce the level of financial risk.

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Do business in style with your partners, clients and suppliers from any part of the world

We work with all the non-sanctioned markets and help European companies to eliminate payment borders. International trade is an example of economic linkage; we allow our clients to feel protected and free when operating across the globe.

Full list of currencies

Bank-beating FX rates

Give your business access to bank-beating currency exchange rates and use the live FX desk to convert funds when you need

Business cards

Handle your daily corporate expenses easily with your own virtual or plastic payment card

Personal support

Have a dedicated manager to navigate you through any banking-related operations or complicated transactions

Multi-currency account

Pay out and accept over 30 different currencies into a single account without conversion costs

MultiPass – a bank challenger you can trust

MultiPass is part of the Dyninno Group of companies. Dyninno Group (short for “Dynamic Innovations”) is an American global information technology group of companies founded in San Francisco in 2004. Our Travel, FinTech, and EnterTech divisions provide a range of products and services to millions of customers in more than 50 markets worldwide.




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