Card payments, usage & limits

How do I dispute a transaction made with my business card?

You will have to complete a form and submit additional information for MultiPass to review. Please reach out Support Team at +44 20 3519 1373 or email: to get direct instructions.

How to activate my card?

Both types of cards – virtual and plastic – can be activated in your online profile. Log in to your online profile, go to the “Cards” section, find the card you wish to activate and follow the instructions. If you struggle, please see the detailed instructions below or contact our support.

Virtual card activation:

  1. Log into your MultiPass account
  2. Go to the “Cards” section
  3. Choose your card and click on "View card details"
  4. Memorise the CVC code
  5. Click on the "Activate card" button, input the CVC and confirm the operation

Plastic card activation:

  1. Upon receiving your card by mail, log into your MultiPass account
  2. Go to the “Cards” section
  3. Choose your card and click on the "Activate card" button
  4. Input the CVC code from the back of your plastic card and confirm the operation

For full card activation (to enable contactless payments), a Chip&PIN transaction is required (either ATM withdrawal or POS payment with a PIN).

How can I top up my card?

The card can be funded after its activation. The payment card has its own separate balance and should be topped up before any of the funds can be spent. It cannot be topped up by a transfer from another financial institution. You can fund it from your MultiPass business account in seconds.

What card management features can I use in my online profile?

Our cards are designed to be fully managed through the MultiPass online platform. You will be able to perform all the following actions:

  • Issue new card
  • View card balance, transaction history, transaction details
  • Top up card and withdraw funds from card
  • Activate card
  • Suspend card
  • Block card
  • Replace card
  • View card details (PAN, expiry date, CVC)
  • View PIN code
  • Reset PIN fail count
  • Change PIN code via the MultiPass account
  • Change PIN code via ATM (a fee will be applied)
  • Enable/disable separate features, such as e-commerce payments (all online payments), contactless payments, ATM withdrawals

What are my card limits?

Top up (load)
Single load amount € 100 000,00
Daily load amount € 100 000,00
Daily number of loads 3
Monthly load amount € 100 000,00
Monthly number of loads 30
Annual load amount € 200 000,00
Annual number of loads 500

ATM withdrawals
Single withdrawal amount € 1 000,00
Daily withdrawal amount € 1 000,00
Daily number of withdrawals 5
Monthly withdrawal amount € 2 000,00
Number of monthly withdrawals 30
Annual withdrawal amount € 10 000,00
Annual number of withdrawals 300

General spending (POS)
Single transaction amount € 10 000,00
Daily transaction amount € 50 000,00
Daily number of transactions 50
Monthly transaction amount € 100 000,00
Monthly number of transactions 1000
Annual transaction amount € 200 000,00
Annual number of transactions 10000

I’ve noticed a suspicious transaction on my card, what should I do?

If you have noticed a suspicious transaction on your card, first you should suspend/block your card to prevent further fraudulent use. Then you should contact MultiPass in order to proceed with the investigation.

What should I do if my card is about to expire?

You will receive a notification about the approaching card expiry date and will be advised to order a new card inside your online profile.

What is 3D Secure? How does it affect online purchases?

3DS is a security protocol that provides an extra layer of protection for payment card transactions. It was created to allow a cardholder to authenticate their identity to prevent payment fraud and unauthorised transactions. All MultiPass cards are 3D Secure enrolled, meaning that you will sometimes be asked to verify online purchases with your 2FA verification code and a static password that the cardholder sets when ordering a card.