How is MultiPass related to the Dyninno Group?

MultiPass (previously known as DynaPay – Dynamic Payments) was initially created as an in-house payment provider for the international travel group of companies Dyninno Group. After achieving success with the internal businesses, MultiPass has outgrown its original mission and has taken a step forward to expand its portfolio of clients and become available to businesses from all over Europe and beyond.

Leveraging the Group's knowledge and expertise in the live agent support and overall “Silicon Valley'' ideology, MultiPass has diversified into delivering state-of-the-art payment and financial management solutions to multinational mid-corps. European wholesale traders, digital marketers and IT operators have become the first target industries that require better banking – the demand we were ready to supply.

MultiPass is supported by the Dyninno Group financially and operationally; the group has already invested roughly 3 million pounds and committed to continue further investment.

Shortly about the Dyninno Group

Dyninno Group is an international holding with over 19 years of experience operating in the Travel, FinTech and EnterTech sectors. Dyninno Group provides in-house IT solutions, lead generation and sales to millions of clients around the globe. Experts in business process optimisation, the groups’ mission is to create and promote innovation through technology. To learn more about the group, visit