Partnership begins by building trust: learn how we do that at MultiPass

November 17, 2021.

Here is a point of common wisdom: you never go far alone. This is never more acutely felt than in business.

Partnership begins by building trust: learn how we do that at MultiPass

Here is a point of common wisdom: you never go far alone. This is never more acutely felt than in business.

It would be a lie to say that we build our services counting on our own efforts only – our strategy goes threefold:

  • Form a highly motivated and close-knit team;
  • Listen to and understand your clients to build a product that fully matches their needs;
  • Grow your network of partners who invest their resources in spreading the message about you among their audience.

It’s impossible to remove any of these three pillars from the picture. At least we can’t do that at MultiPass.

We tend to talk a lot about our team, product and clients, sometimes it feels that our partnerships (that beyond all doubt impact our company success massively) go unsung. So, let us redress that balance, shall we?

Chapter 1, as told by Katia, our Head of Partnership Division

“A partner is almost the same as a friend with one major exception: you both are not afraid to confess mutual benefit.”

The “people at the core” approach we have at MultiPass is not reserved exclusively for our customers. It’s a part of our culture that also extends to our employees and, of course, our partners. Partner contributions make up a big part of our success, we enjoy working with them! The relationship model we’ve built is based on real communication, mutual learning and earning. This is how it works:

  1. We define who we can partner with
    People that provide various corporate services and work with international clients that need a banking service and a payment account to explore new markets. We most commonly welcome partners that fall into one of hese categories: incorporation agents, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, wealth managers. The common denominator is cross-border activities, international trade, the ‘go global’ approach – basically, everything that indicates the global scope.

  2. We form an appealing offer
    Of course, a partnership is only successful if it brings tangible results. We introduce our partners to a commission-based practice to reward them for both, bringing us customers (including customer transactions) and recommending new partners. We also have cases when our clients ask us to recommend them to a good lawyer or a tax advisory firm – that’s when we help our partners get new clients too. More perks go to the partners, who decide to use our services for their banking needs as they can open an account with us with no opening or maintenance fee.

  3. We communicate on a daily basis (or another agreed period of time – consistency is key)
    At MultiPass not only do customers get personal managers but partners as well. Being specialists in our niche, it is our duty to instruct them on banking regulation changes, new payment features, various cross-border payment methods and their availability for different business types and company jurisdictions. It’s professional help just one call or message away. Working hand in hand, we ensure informational support and smooth onboarding of their clients.

Chapter 2, as told by Alex, Business Development Director, EMEA region

“Strict to the point business proposition with a drop of empathy in delivery works wonders in the partnership management field.”

In the business world, we are stuck with an overflowing inbox, constant phone/video calls and a permanent presence of potential collaborations with only 1% of real business deals. We live in the informational overload era and the least you can do to stop that madness is to be a little bit more consistent and respectful to the people you approach with your business offers. It’s something about business ethics and empathy, if I must use a stronger word to describe the attitude that is often lacking in the modern entrepreneur’s universe.

In many textbooks that teach sales and management, authors claim the necessity to go straight forward, be your own wingman and never consider “no” for an answer. But truly, is it that you would want to face yourself? Value the time of the people that you want to work with – make your point clear and provide the information requested in a simple way, strict to the point and on time. At MultiPass we have the so-called “industry solution” one-pagers with key points only, suited exactly for the approached business representative. Of course, there is always more information to share but that’s not what we consider a worthy business approach.

Being remarkably attentive toward your potential partners and showing care in communication could be the most secure basis for building trust that consequently results in a solid long-term partnership.

Chapter 3, as told by Charis Votsis, our partner and a representative at Capival Assurance, a tax and audit services company

“MultiPass is a great multitool for global business operations. Simple interface yet powerful multi-currency features – our clients like that. Although above all we really enjoy the level of personal communication we get. Our dedicated manager Kate is always professional, always within reach, leaving no questions unresolved. It feels great to finally find a partner you can rely on to get your customers’ banking needs sorted (and have one less headache).”

Interested in learning more about our partner programme? You’re welcome to browse our site or submit an application, and we will get in touch with you.