PHP Developer

Posted March 08, 2022.


Being a part of a team of 3-5 awesome developers, you will be responsible for a couple of projects including:

  • Developing flexible, scalable and reliable payment processing system;
  • Developing of back office system for Operations to work smoothly;
  • Developing API for payment, fx and cards solutions.


  • Willingness to learn fast and openness to different programming approaches;
  • Good experience with PHP;
  • Understanding how SQL databases works;
  • Understanding why code design is important and how to write clean maintainable code.

You will not have to convince us that tests are important, because we share the same values and want to build quality in the product. But if you don't have experience with tests don't hesitate to apply because we also believe that knowledge sharing is an extremely important part of a developer role and we will be happy to help you get up to speed.

Our services are talking PHP, either plain or using Symfony Framework. Our applications are hosted in the cloud and we are able to manage them by ourselves with a little help from our amazing devops team.


  • Flexible working hours with great work-life balance;
  • A perfect environment for professional growth and opportunities at our offices either in London or Riga.